Consulting: Solve problems of 21st century.

Our work is not limited to give you a proper consultancy but to lead your team to success. We help you with our 21st century business model and modern strategy for professional businesses.

Process Flow Consultant

ERP KART helps our user to run their enterprise with the very systematic approach and further continuity plus integrity. For the particular case, process management consulting, ERP KART basically works on two eye lensed path

3 P (Progressive Process Plan) Methodology: It is a measure project composed of 6 steps:
1.Understand and analyze processes.
2.Track Problems.
3.Defining Solutions.
4.Modeling Solutions.
5.Implementation of Solutions.
6.Continuity in Progress.

2 I (Improvement Indicator) Methodology: It is very smart and helpful project track and provides measurable results and sustain improvements, thus helps you to draw your progress curve upward and upward.

Information Consulting

ERP KART provides you integrated information, brilliant plans and ideas and enables you to manage the big data available across the organization and many more.

1.Completely Analyze the Imports and Exports Regarding your Enterprise
2.Provide data management softwares.
3.Provide legacy migration services.
4.Facilitates conformance management.

IT Infrastructure Consulting

Infrastructure is the backbone of any enterprise. It is quite difficult task to prototype a flexible IT infrastructure. Giving a fundamental look on less input(price, time, effort) ERP KART provide an end to end brilliant and robuster infrastructure as per your need.

Consultation on Quality Control

Quality is the identification of any organization. Today there is hard die competition in the business field and it is only your quality which stays you ahead in the market. Our consulting team provides the complete knowledge of quality management, several quality standards and makes you certified.

Payroll Consulting

It is one of the best decisions a company ever takes- as choosing to do the payroll function in house may lead to wastage of much of your input. Our consulting team enables you to make intelligent decisions regarding payroll.

Cloud Consulting

Now a day’s cloud is playing a vital role in any ERP implementation. It totally varies from traditionally implementation. Choosing a right cloud server is as important as selecting a right ERP software. Selecting the right bandwidth, space, location and various other factors are important. ERP KART enables you to select right choice.

Data migration Consulting

To look after years end activities is a big burden. If a professional experienced team mange this task then obviously it will be a great favour. ERP KART provides such type of facilities to our users.