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We are nothing without our team and our team is your team. Our leadership has proper vision for the futuristic path. We assign right skills for the right work. The mission of your organization can be easily achieved by the team of technical technologies, analist, marketers and designers.

Check the wastage of Raw Material

It is significant to produce perfect quantity at perfect time to remain away from the wastage of raw materials, particularly perishable enables you to optimize sourcing of raw material.

1.Provides smart production plans with future predictions and safe stock based planning from vital items.
2.Enables to record stock in multiple measuring units.
3.Facilitates users with multiple options to purchase different varieties mentioned in BOM.

Enrich with numerous outcome.

Many varieties of products make management of BOM difficult. ERP KART provides very simplified management of BOM and manage the inflow and outflow of diverse products.

1.Select the most suitable material for shape, size and design
2.Unite the BOM through variants according to user convenience.
3.Provides particular additional input materials for respective variants.

Vision leads to successful mission

No need to say, big vision on your perplex business is the biggest key which give you the full confidence to make bigger present decisions and future predictions.

Provide integrated knowledge about sales order, stock transfer orders, production orders, purchase orders, receivables and payables.
2.Provide efficient credit managing softwares.
3.Enables online view of receivables, payables, planned order completion dates, various order costs and expectations of cost deviations.
3.Predict the estimated shipment plan.

Remote or close full with dose

Take the closer look of all the simultaneous operations going on in the different locations and measure the real time efficiency.

1.Maintain the flow of raw material across respective locations.
2.Enables to deliver the materials to the right places at the right time for productions.
3.Unify financial transactional information across all the entities.

Safe and sound make no wound

Chemical productions, gas leakage etc involves chances of blast. ERP KART substantially reduces such accidents.

1.Facilitates users with comprehensive government structure to avoid the risks.
2.Ensure the maintenance and calibration of critical equipment.
3.Establishes protocols for all mission critical tasks.
4.Maintain safe storage requirements according as storage rules and access controls.

Blend with cutting edge solutions

It is a smarter way to give technology more and more place in your enterprise. ERP KART ensures that you will get the maximum of all the technology investments that you make.

1.Integrate Bar Code labels into your accounts.
2.Facilitates SCADA/PLC systems (Data Collection systems).