Our F-O-C-U-S is on Inventory

FOCUS viz: F-Finance, O-Operations C-Customer Satisfaction, U-Utilize Assets, S-Schedule. It is said in the industry which will take care of inventory & logistics, can handle rest operations effortlessly.

Smartly invest never waste.

You can easily maintain inventory levels with the help of ERP Kart manage daily operations and can meet exclusive demands phases, without wastage. ERP KART strengthens your vision to adjust forecast and bring deduction in loss or worthlessness of inventory.

1.Enables to predict future decisions by showing proper statistics.
2.Establishes standard operating protocols for operation management.
3.Analyze the demand and supply of items.
4.Reveals inventory activities with ABC, XYZ and FSN analysis.
5.Track item through scientific means.
6.Determine the essential quality of multiple planning methods like MRP, MPS, record level etc.

Gain quality by managing operating costs.

Enable to maintain standard quality requirements across entire manufacturing and supply chain efficiently.

1.Track your costs, make your operations efficient.
2.Establishes standard operating protocols for operation management.
3.Track failed items with reason code for improvement.
4.Set up GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) processes for good governance and risk mitigation
5.Maintain RMA tracking, non conformance problems types, internal problems, non conformance cost, and corrective actions.

Attract new customers

Changes and innovations have significant place in industries. ERP KART enables you to manage new product development, thus helps in launching products and marketing efficiently effectively.

1.Handle electronic engineering change orders.
2. Remove manual intervention in PCB engineering.
3.Optimize BOM processes and interactive specifications.

Turn Asset to Cash

With the help of its smart ERP and other operations managing software, ERP KART makes use of asset more effective and more productive.

1.Handle Assets right from asset planning, procurement and operations to maintenance budgeting and timely repair of mission critical equipment..
2.Make maintenance and calibrations alerts energetic..
3.Contribute predictive, preventive, breakdown and shutdown maintenance practices.

Automatize operations, enhance productions

ERP KART enables you to automate many of your business activities and bring increment in productions.

1.Set off inspections automatically and ensure quality.
2.Set up auto reminder for payments
3.Get alerts and maintain position on daily stock, cash/bank status, collections, expenses etc in your mail box regularly.

Ever lead, never follow

Increasing competition has loud effect on your business. ERP KART enables you to gain complete visibility and control, and makes you to reach market first.

1.Analyze, innovate and arise new products and makes you the market leader.
2.Offer the most suitable prices to your customers.

Beat the clock with ERP KART, rock in the market fast

Integrated information, smart planning and intelligent ideas regarding your business leads to increase in operations, fulfillment of orders and demands.

1Sync your daily production with dispatch schedule.
2.Attach your production orders with monthly plans/ forecast.
3.Optimize your production and match demands every month.