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Webtechsols Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.,web development gained recognition with high quality web development projects on the local Indian market as well as outside India. Our clients in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Middle East, Europe and India.

Webtechsols Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Depending on your specific needs either solution may have benefits over the other. This article has been written to help you better understand what should be considered when deciding between a ready-made application and custom development. When you are trying to find specific solutions to your website development needs some of the following questions probably come to mind:

  • How much will it cost to implement and maintain?
  • How easily can I add and maintain content?
  • Can I customize functions for my specific website needs?

Now you start searching the internet or yellow pages to find an application or developer that can answer these questions for you. If you are searching on the internet you will most likely run across ready-to-run programs that are "easy" to install and get running. To some in the development world these programs are referred to as "canned" programs or scripts.

Having worked in a web hosting support center I can tell you that unless you are well versed in internet servers and have a working knowledge of server-side scripting you may be in for an experience that results in a major loss of hair and sleep. There is no doubt that these programs are usually less expensive than custom development but what probably hasn't been noted clearly by the manufacturer is that these programs should be installed by someone who has web development skills.

The second major issue that arises with canned scripts is that there is little to no support for custom features once you have the program up and running. This can be a problem as time goes on primarily because technology and the internet change rapidly.

I find deficiencies all the time including broken links, slow pages and more. Webtechsols Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. offers a low cost alternative to most canned scripts that can be customized to fit your needs. Not only do our solutions keep you from having to worry about integration on your web server but we can work with you to customize features to your needs.