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What Clients Say

"My web traffic, at a normally slow period of the year is at a level with the average for all of last year, which is almost double for the same month of last year. Similarly, my ranking in all the major search engines has gone up greatly. This will save me money as I no longer need to pay to be in the top of the "Sponsored" listing as I already appear on the first page of the relevant listing. I have already gotten your fee back in what I am not paying for placement! You did a great job with my page. I will definitely be calling you again when my page is ready for updating."
-Ajoy Chakrabarty, Founder Chakrous International

Environmental Consulting is all about building a loyal client base through professional knowledge and helping clients meet their regulatory deadlines.
The Client Relationship Management (CRM) system that Webtechsols Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Team developed for ECCI allows us to track those deadlines and automatically notify clients of pending permit requirements.

The CRM system functions as it was supposed to, was developed on time, and within our budget. We cannot be more pleased with Tiger Team and how they have taken a real interest in helping ECCI grow our business through their technology!
Leslie Davis, Project Manager Engineering, Compliance & Construction, Inc.

Over the last eighteen months our sales have increased three-fold since the launch of our new web site. We have to say it has made us delighted we chose Webtech Solution.
Aditya Pattnaik, Founder of Best Indian Fund.